Pixar’s SOUL is the Perfect Movie for a World Weary of Living

There’s a scene in Pixar’s latest movie Soul where Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), a struggling middle school music teacher, steps out of a jazz club after one of the most triumphant moments of his life and realizes he doesn’t feel the way he thought he would. He’s just performed with Dorothea Williams (Angela Bassett), fulfilling his life-long…

Hustle Less, Grow More

More Thoughts On “A Feast of Mysteries…”

Last month, I wrote about the care and keeping of the soul in Fathom Magazine. The gist of that article is that our souls feed on mystery. This is in contrast to our bodies and minds which feed on substances that are far easier to define and access. In fact, we often tend to our bodies and minds to the neglect of our souls, and I thought I’d share some more thoughts about that below.

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