“I Might Do This Forever”

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“I Might Do This Forever”

Photo by Hannah Olinger (Unsplash)

I was listening to Trip Lee’s song “Forever” recently, and it got me thinking…

What will we be doing in Heaven? In the New Earth? Most of us probably have some vague idea about tending to the remade Garden of Eden. Or worse, floating on clouds and playing harps for eternity. (I mean, it’s better than the alternative, but still…)

But what if we’ll be doing the same things in the New Earth that we’re doing here and now? Not the exact same things, of course. (And definitely not the sins.) But what if, in Heaven, we find that God wants us to continue doing the things He has designed us to be passionate about, and using our natural talents in that brave new world.

Hey, you: do you like food? Do you like preparing it and cooking it and serving it to people? Well, folks still want to eat, so you get to be a chef!

You, veterinarian over there: do you really like taking care of animals? Great! You get to spend the rest of your very long life tending to their needs.

You were a construction worker for thirty years, right? Did you love your job? All right then, lots of people need mansions. So get to work!

I have a friend who plays the guitar and sings. She’s good at it. She’s amazing, in fact. I asked her once, “If someone paid you a million dollars and gave you a record deal right now, would you quit your job and make music for the rest of your life?” She said, “Absolutely.”

And me? I love words. I love reading them and writing them. I bet people in the New Earth will still enjoy stories. And I bet there’ll be hundreds (probably thousands) of newspapers and magazine recording the goings-on around the re-made globe. What if God says to me, “Hey, you! Go do what you love”?

A long time ago, I read John MacArthur’s little book, Found: God’s Will. I don’t remember everything he said, but his conclusion stuck with me. I’m going to paraphrase it here as best I can:

If you give your life to Christ…
If the Holy Spirit lives inside you…
If you strive to live a pure life…
If you obey (with a good heart) the human authority that happens to be over you at the time…
If you understand that you will face suffering…

THEN… you can do whatever you want!

Do whatever I want? That might seem bizarre at first, but when you think about it — if God really does give us the right desires (Psalm 37:4) — then, at some point, His thoughts become our thoughts and His will becomes our will. The Holy Spirit begins living not just in us, but through us. Our behavior and thoughts become as Christ-like as possible this side of Heaven. Obviously, this is an imperfect process: we are imperfect people striving for perfection (holiness) in an imperfect world. Every day when we awake (and, often, throughout the day), we must realign our hearts with His. (How subject we are to drifting away!)

But, if all of the above is in line, we can safely follow our dreams and passions and do the things we love. And I think it’s likelier than not that, in the New Earth, we will just go on following our dreams and doing the things we enjoy because, in doing so, we glorify God and enjoy Him — forever.

The best part, of course, is that none of the ills we associate with doing business or pursuing a career will be present. There will be no “starving artists” in the New Earth. Chefs won’t have to worry about food poisoning or serving unhealthy dishes. (Former) veterinarians won’t have to put down someone’s favorite dog. Construction workers won’t have to worry about lower back pain or inhaling dangerous chemicals. Musicians and singers will never lack an audience or a stage. And writers? No more rejection letters would be sweet.

So, yeah, I might do this forever.