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Letters to Young Boys

Letters to Young Boys
Letters to Young Boys

Letters to Young Boys is overflowing with good, practical advice, written in simple language, that makes it easy to read and easy to understand. Daniel Whyte IV (age 12 at the commencing of the writing of this book) combs through many of the messages that are being put in front of young boys today and helps them understand the right way to go in our troubled society. This book deals with spiritual issues, moral issues and life issues. Daniel Whyte IV helps young boys understand many important things in life, including the following

1. The Difference that God can Make in their Lives
2. The Importance of Character
3. Finding Out Your Purpose in Life
4. The Importance of Obedience to Parents
5. How to Stay away from Drugs and Gangs
6. The Power of Education
7. The Importance of Being Honest

and Much, Much More

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