Whose Agenda?

A few weeks ago, I finished reading Michael Crichton’s techno-thriller, State of Fear, in which eco-terrorists plot mass murder to publicize the danger of global warming.  Amidst the drama that happens as a millionaire philanthropist, his timid lawyer, and a know-it-all government agent try to stop the terrorists from following through with their plans, Crichton has a message that he is trying to get across. And, no matter what you believe about global warming and climate change, I think it is a message we all need to pay attention to.

That message is simply this: Everybody has an agenda. Everybody. And some people are willing to go to extremes to advance their agenda and convince others to join their cause.

Rappers, teachers, preachers, politicians, clothes designers — they all have a message they are trying to get across. They are trying to get you to think a certain way, to act a certain way, to live a certain way. These messages say: Drink this, not that. Wear this, not that. See this movie. Go on this diet. Believe this, believe that. Everyday, we are bombarded with messages from multiple corners of our culture about what’s cool and what’s not. People will lie, connive, and try to trick you to join their team, to follow their agenda.

And while the agendas that some voices are telling us to follow — the agendas that tell us what to eat or what to wear — are really inconsequential, there are some agendas that involve life and death issues.

When it comes to those agendas, the question is, whose agenda are we going to live by?

You see, in the end, there are only two agendas that matter — God’s and the devil’s.

We’ll call the devil’s agenda the “you can do whatever you want” agenda. It’s the agenda that says, ‘It’s your life. Do whatever you want to do.’ It’s the agenda that promises never-ending fun and freedom. It’s the agenda that says your pleasure is all that matters.

And while that may seem like a great agenda to live your life by, it is nothing but an empty promise. Just because you’re able to do things your way doesn’t mean you’re doing them the right way. Proverbs 14:12 says, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death. ”

In the end, the devil’s agenda also reveals the devil’s true nature. His nature is like a thief who comes to rob you of your joy, your purpose, your dreams, your life. As John 10:10 says, “The thief comes only to steal and to kill and to destroy.”

But, you don’t have to follow the devil’s agenda. God has an agenda too — He has plans for you as well. God’s agenda is wrapped up in His Son, Jesus Christ, who came to Earth to die on the cross for our sins and make a way for us to be in relationship with God. In John 10:10, Jesus Christ says, “I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.”

Our sins and failures are what cause us to miss out on the blessings that God has for us. Until we choose God’s agenda, we will remain in the deadly cycle of sin which leads to destruction.

Jesus came in order to break that cycle. He came to offer us something better than anything the devil has to offer. He came to show us a better way to live — far better than anything we could imagine ourselves. As the Bible says in Isaiah, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not My ways… For as heaven is higher than earth, so My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

The crux of the matter comes down to a decision we have to make. Will we follow God’s agenda or the devil’s agenda. Will we follow the way of Jesus Christ or continue in our own way?

Following Jesus Christ — getting in on God’s agenda — is a choice we make when we trust Jesus Christ as our Savior and invite Him to take control of our lives. We have to realize and admit that our way — the devil’s agenda — leads only to death — physically and spiritually. And then we have to open our hearts to Jesus Christ and allow Him to come in and rule in our lives.

God’s agenda is one that truly has our best interests at heart.

Whose agenda will you choose to live by today?