A journey which, for me, began over two years ago is finally complete.

The first book in the Rise of the Seers series is finished. The story has grown and flowered, taking me down adventuresome paths and into dark corners that I could not have foreseen. 

Rise of the Seers: Book 1

Rise of the Seers: Book 1

I’ve come to love Ethan and Sam and Pixie, Ari and Keiland, Felicia and Celeste — even Nicolai. Their stories are intertwined with my own. And I hope they will become intertwined with yours as well. (If you’ve been following the serial novel, then you’ve already met these characters and more.)

But Rise of the Seers is just the beginning. I’ve begun writing the sequel, The Abyss Beckons (which I hope to complete in a much shorter amount of time).

As I do that, I am also doing rewrites on the first book, which will be published within the next few months, as well as working on other stories in other worlds. I can’t wait to share those with you too.

Hail and farewell.

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