Representing, Royally…

Great Britain’s newest royal, Prince George, has been christened. The kiddo, who is now third in line to the throne, had the sign of the cross made on his forehead with water from the River Jordan as four generations of the House of Windsor looked on.

George is only three-months-old, and he’ll probably give his grandparents just as much grief as his dad and Uncle Harry gave theirs. But, the birth of a baby, no matter how he or she grows up, is a wonderful, inspiring occurrence because a baby represents the intangibles that make life on this earth worth living.

A baby represents hope and peace. We often despair at the insanity of our world. But, when we look in a baby’s face, at those tiny lips so recently kissed by angels, it is like seeing the world from a whole new perspective. A baby represents peace in the midst of a storm. A newborn is innocent, ignorant, and naive. They know nothing of the shattered state of our world. All they see is loving, smiling faces looking down at them, and that love is reflected in their eyes. The tiny face inspires us anew to strive to make the world a better place.

A baby represents salvation. Try imagining how Adam and Eve felt when they had their first child, Cain. They’d been kicked out of Paradise. As they wandered, searching for a new home, sharp stones cut their feet for the first time. When Adam planted seeds in his field, weeds sprung up threatening to choke the vegetables they needed for sustenance. Their future looked bleak. But when Cain was born, he put a smile on their faces. They had a tiny life to protect and nurture. He saved them from their despair. He gave them something to live for.

God could have come to earth in all His might, power, and glory. Instead, He came as a baby named Jesus, born to poor parents in a stable meant to house animals. At a time when the world was oppressed with uncertainty and dominated by tyrants, the birth of Jesus — just an innocent, helpless baby — represented hope, and light, and life, and joy.

That’s why the shepherds ran from house to house telling the good news — “A baby, the Messiah, has been born!”

That’s why Simeon said, “Now I can die happy because I’ve seen the Savior.”

That’s why Anna told everyone she could in Jerusalem.

That’s why the angels sang, “Peace on earth, goodwill towards men.”

All because of the birth of a baby.