Publishing Your Podcast — Uploading and Publishing

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Publishing Your Podcast — Uploading and Publishing

Once you select and sign up for a podcast host, it’s time to publish your first episode. You will do this by uploading the MP3 file you exported earlier. Log in to your podcast hosting account and click the button to create/submit/upload a new episode. (Each host has a different interface, but they all follow the same basic process.)

Select the MP3 file on your computer and upload (just as you would an image on Facebook or an attachment on an e-mail).

Then, you will need to fill out a few details about the episode.

  • Title. Format your title as follows: “Title For This Episode (Title Of Your Podcast #1)“. So, for example: “Parenthood, Death, and Loss with Devin Shelton (The Bad Christian Podcast #256).” Keep your titles short and descriptive. People want to know what they are getting into.
  • Description. Write a brief one- to three-sentence description of your episode. Here, your purpose is to get potential listeners to say, “That sounds interesting. I think I’ll take a listen.” Here is an example: “Having lost his mother in October, Devin Shelton adds profound insight to our reflections on last week’s untimely loss of Matt’s mother. Death really makes you think deeply about life and draws out appreciation for things we normally take for granted. And in the news, we ask if it is disrespectful, dishonoring or even evil to pay top dollar for the phone that Hitler used to sentence millions of Jews to death?”
  • Tags. Tags are a series of keywords that describe the topic and content of your podcast. Depending on which service you use, tags have varying importance. They mean more on podcast hosts that have built in content directories such as Soundcloud, BluBrry, and LibSyn. They mean less on hosts like Buzzsprout that don’t have these directories. You want to be targeted and specific in your choice of tags; five to seven is a good number. Here are some appropriate tags for our running example: “death, parenting, dying, life, gratitude.”

That is all you need to publish your first episode. Click ‘Submit’ or ‘Publish’ to take your audio masterpiece live.

You’ve done it.

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