Planning Your Podcast: Decide What You Will Podcast About

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Planning Your Podcast: Decide What You Will Podcast About

By now, you probably have plenty of ideas about possible topics for a podcast. It’s time to decide what your podcast will be about. (Of course, you could create multiple podcasts, but for now let’s focus on one.)

You need to define what your podcast’s purpose is. The more specific the purpose, the better. You should be able to state it in one sentence. Here are some examples, one from each of the categories listed in the previous chapter.

To inform: The purpose of this podcast is to provide news and information about current cancer research.

To educate: The purpose of this podcast is to teach the basic facts and figures of Christian history.

To entertain: The purpose of this podcast is to discuss, analyze, and critique the works of George R.R. Martin.

To motivate/inspire: The purpose of this podcast is to encourage and motivate you to pray so you can live your beast life.

Now, it’s your turn. Complete this statement: The purpose of my podcast is…

Now that you know what your podcast will be about, let’s go ahead and settle on a title. The name of your podcast should be short and succinct. It should capture what your podcast is about in five words or less. Potential listeners should be able to see your title and decide immediately if it is something they are interested in. Now is not the time to be fancy, cryptic, or complicated. Tell people what they are getting into upfront. Here are some great examples, from each of the four categories above.


The World Tonight
Africa Today
Urban Christian News Network
State of America
The World This Hour


Stuff You Should Know
The History of Christianity
Planet Money
Understanding World Religions
Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing


The Empire Film Podcast
Marvel Movie News
Star Wars Minute
Seincast: A Seinfeld Podcast
Pop Culture Happy Hour

(If your podcast falls into this category, it’s okay to bend the rule about not being cryptic in order to target the audience you’re trying to reach. If you were to create a podcast named The Westeros Report, fans of Game of Thrones would know what you’re talking about. Most other people wouldn’t.)


Insight for Living
The Prayer Motivator
The Busy Mom
This Is Your Life
Faith for the Journey

What will your title be?

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