Essence of Life

For a command is a lamp, teaching is a light, and corrective discipline is the way of life.

–Proverbs 6:23

No one can make it in the world alone. That’s why we need instruction, advice, and guidance throughout life.

The “commands” of God’s word are like a lamp in a dark room. They cut through the confusing messages spawned by the fallen state of our world. When we read Scripture, our minds are illuminated with the knowledge of God through the power of His Spirit. A light is turned on in our brain.

“Teaching”, from God and others, also enlightens us. There are forces in this world, good and evil, that are greater than any of us, and many others have contended with them. The wisdom passed from one generation to another enables earth’s youngest inhabitants to grapple with the tragedy and comedy that is life.

“Corrective discipline” is also a part of the essence of life. Wrong choices and evil deeds are rewarded with negative consequences in order that we may choose a better path when we are met with the next moment of decision.

Dr. Cornelius mentors Prince Caspian of Narnia

Dr. Cornelius mentors Prince Caspian of Narnia

It’s odd, though, that the essence of life — the commandments, teaching, and discipline of God and others — is loathed by many. We don’t like having to endure these things. A fallen nature has warped us so that we dislike, even despise, the very things that place us on the path to success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Instead of frowning on our enrollment in the school of human existence, we must embrace it and choose to learn all we can. We do not have to make the mistakes of our ancestors, or repeat the sins of our past. We can cut a brighter path in the face of a darkened world.