Divine Chaos: When God Doesn’t Play by the Rules

The universe is a place of balance and equilibrium. Action and counteraction. Yin and yang. Some call it karma.

The universe is also a place of order. Certain things happen in a certain way all of the time. The sun rises in the morning. Gravity always pulls things down. Planetary orbits are regular and measurable. If you plant an apple, you will most certainly get an apple tree.

God designed the universe to operate in this orderly way. His fingers first set these laws and rules in motion, bringing order out of chaos. And when it was all done, He said it was good.

Yet, sometimes, it does not seem as though God plays by the rules.

Justice demands that God toss us sinners into an eternal inferno. But God decided He would go to great lengths to save us from that terrible punishment.

Holy perfection demands that God separate himself from sinners. But God says, “come close to me and I will come close to you.” He sends Immanuel, and we call Him “God with us.”

The birth of a child demands the union of a man and a woman, but God’s Son was born into the world by a virgin.

If you fill bottles with water, all that is in them is…water. But when Jesus spoke, the people drank from bottles that had been filled with water, and the wine was good.

If you try to stand on water, you will drown. But Jesus stood on water and walked.

If you have five loaves and two fishes, that is enough for you to eat lunch. But, in Jesus’ hands, it feeds five thousand.

If a girl is severely ill and is not treated, she dies. But Jesus says she is only “sleeping,” and at His touch she rises again.

Every man is doomed to pay for his own sins. But the Perfect Man, Jesus Christ, who had never sinned, willingly paid for the sins of all men.

When people die, they are supposed to stay dead. But for Jesus, death was reversed. After three days in a tomb, Jesus walked out of His grave.

When Jesus came, God interrupted the order of things. It was a great upheaval. The rules were not simply broken, but shattered.

It was divine chaos.

And it was good.

Image credit: ”Crucifixion of Christ (stained glass)” / Courtesy of MotionWorship.com