How Young Men Who Mess Up Their Lives Can Make a Comeback

Bringing Down the House

Bringing Down the House

Samson was destined to be great even before he was born. But his own pride and self-will got in the way of God’s plan for his life. Though he eventually recovered from his failures, his life still stands out as a tragic warning to any who would follow his path.

Young men can learn from the mistakes Samson made. Bringing Down the House provides twenty-five principles that young men can learn from the life of one of Israel s most infamous heroes. Twelve chapters walk you through the life of Samson from beginning to end, allowing you to pick your way through the minefield of Samson’s failures and discover insights that will help you avoid his mistakes.

Samson’s Story sections allow you to see the life of Samson up close, straight from the pages of the Bible; and Action Points at the end of each chapter encourage honest self-examination and decisive action that will help you fulfill God’s plan for your life.

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