3 Reasons Buzzsprout is an Excellent Podcast Host

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3 Reasons Buzzsprout is an Excellent Podcast Host

Podcasters today have a great number of options when it comes to choosing a podcast host. But, whenever someone is looking to start a podcast or is complaining about their current host, I tell them, “You should check out Buzzsprout.”

Buzzsprout offers plenty of the standard features that most podcast hosts offer. But there are three benefits to Buzzsprout’s service that I think make this company stand out from the crowd.

1. Buzzsprout is listener-friendly.

If you’re a podcaster looking for a podcast host right now, that may sound counter-intuitive. Shouldn’t a host be podcaster-friendly? Maybe, but think about it: your goal is to reach as many listeners as possible, right? Shouldn’t that be your host’s goal as well?

Buzzsprout makes things easy for listeners by providing a simple, but beautiful podcast website—one that you can be proud to promote online and send to people you’d like to listen. Other podcast hosts could take a page from the breezy, user-friendly homepages that Buzzsprout provides for every podcast. (I’m looking at you, LibSyn.) Every podcast homepage is optimized for mobile and easily accessible on smartphones and other handheld devices. The mobile version of the site also doubles as an app for Apple and Android devices making it easier for listeners to come back to your podcast again and again. (And it doesn’t take up any space on their devices.)

Making your podcast easy for potential listeners to access is job number one for podcast creators. And Buzzsprout makes it a top priority as well.

2. Buzzsprout provides helpful content for podcast hosts.

Whether you’re new to podcasting or a seasoned pro, you can always use the occasional helping hand. Buzzsprout provides that help through its frequent email newsletters which talk about new features, podcasting industry events, or ways that you can get your podcast into more ears. Here are the subject lines of some that I’ve received over the past few months:

  • How to Record Long-Distance Podcast Interviews
  • How to Use the New Podcasting Tags for Your Podcast
  • What Podcasters Need to Know About Royalty Free & Stock Music
  • Roundup of the 26 best podcasting resources
  • Learn How To Create A Podcast Intro Your Listeners Will Love

The helpful and informative articles help you become a better podcaster with every episode.

3. Buzzsprout provides easy-to-understand, insightful stats.

The Buzzsprout statistics page is a beauty to behold. This behind-the-scenes look gives you an approximation of how large your audience is on a monthly basis, what your most popular episodes are, the locations of your listeners, and the devices your listeners are using to access your podcast. Unlike some providers, Buzzsprout’s statistics are easy to understand. You won’t get bogged down in minutiae or trying to understand what different numbers mean. And that can help you position your podcast for greater success.

Podcasting, when done right, is hard work. And, Buzzsprout is a podcast host that will have your back and help you achieve your goals.

If you’re interested in hosting your podcast with Buzzsprout, click here.