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Hi, I’m Daniel Whyte IV, a writer, a wonderer, and a wanderer after Jesus.

I write speculative fiction, science fiction, and fantasy. I also occasionally write nonfiction books, articles, and blog posts on various topics.

I believe firmly that words are power and stories are spirit.

When I’m not writing (which is more often than I’d like), I develop websites, manage web content, and produce podcasts.

I hope you find engaging, inspirational, mind-bending, soul-burning content on this site.

Godspeed. And, remember, here is not all there is.

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Blog Posts

Recent random musings.

Gotham, Season 5

Why Batman Can’t Save Gotham

This article was published at Speculative Faith on January 25, 2019. What Gotham needs is not a dark knight, but a hero who operates by a different code. Fox’s Batman…

Rise of the Seers: Bonus Content — Two Behind-the-Scenes Chapters

Rise of the Seers doesn’t tell the whole story. As the Revenants rise, the gears of the Demiworld begin to grind with greater urgency. Behind the scenes, movers and shakers…

A Revolt Against Death

This article was published in Fathom Magazine’s 23rd issue, “Death,” on November 19, 2018. We are becoming far too familiar with the stranger of death. There are some things that…

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