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Hi, I’m Daniel Whyte IV, a writer, a wonderer, and a wanderer after Jesus.

I write speculative fiction, science fiction, and fantasy. I also write nonfiction books and articles on various topics.

I believe firmly that words are power and stories are spirit.

I hope you find engaging, inspirational, mind-bending, soul-burning content on this site.

Godspeed. And, remember, here is not all there is.

Eternity awaits...

The three most important things you need to know.

Articles & Blog Posts

Recent random musings.

The Jerrys attend to Joe and 22 in The Great Before. (Credit: Pixar)

Pixar’s SOUL is the Perfect Movie for a World Weary of Living

There’s a scene in Pixar’s latest movie Soul where Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), a struggling middle school music teacher, steps out of a jazz club after one of the most triumphant moments…

The Mouth of Sauron - Lord of the Rings

The Mouth of Sauron: A Meditation on the Year Past and the Year to Come

In my opinion, a scene cut from The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King is one of the greatest scenes in what is arguably the world’s greatest-ever…

Batman Begins

Why Batman Is a Terrible Superhero (Or, Why Our Present Social Crises Demand a Different Class of Hero)

Published in on September 28th, 2020. I’m a huge fan of the Dark Knight, so I was ready to throw hands a few weeks ago when someone told me…

Betraying “America”: Sufjan Stevens Asks Us to Kiss the Country We Know Goodbye

A day before our nation marked its independence from Great Britain for the 244th time, indie folk/rock artist Sufjan Stevens released “America,” the first single off his upcoming album, The Ascension.…

Lynn Gunn in the music video for PVRIS' "Dead Weight" (Credit: YouTube)

Now is Not the Time for Creators to Cancel Their Work: Why Art is Essential to Social Justice

The delay of artistic expression buys into the notion that everything will go back to “normal” — which is not what we want. Way back in March 2020, I was…

Dan Cathy at Passion City Church (Credit: YouTube screenshot)

Three Things White People Can Learn from Dan Cathy and ‘The Babylon Bee’

White people who engage in crass, public, performative acts make themselves look foolish — and it’s not what black people want Two weekends ago, I was browsing Facebook — terrible…