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Hi, I’m Daniel Whyte IV, a writer, a wonderer, and a wanderer after Jesus.

I write speculative fiction, science fiction, and fantasy. I also occasionally write nonfiction books, articles, and blog posts on various topics.

I believe firmly that words are power and stories are spirit.

When I’m not writing (which is more often than I’d like), I develop websites, manage web content, and produce podcasts.

I hope you find engaging, inspirational, mind-bending, soul-burning content on this site.

Godspeed. And, remember, here is not all there is.

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Blog Posts

Recent random musings.

The Diverse Kingdom: Growing Inclusion in SFF Publishing is a Small Fulfillment of God’s Plan

By definition, science fiction and fantasy are unique among literary genres because of the presence of a wide range of diverse characters and people groups. Certainly, many are fictional (as…

'Rise of the Seers' in the Lorehaven Library.

Rise of the Seers in Lorehaven Library

Earlier today, I checked my notifications on Twitter and learned that my supernatural fantasy novel,┬áRise of the Seers, had been included in the Lorehaven Library, a listing of fantastical Christian…

Do You Really “Get To”?

Recently, I’ve run across a couple of articles that promote the popular motivational idea of changing the way you think about whatever it is you consider “work.”

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